Invite Me to Accompany You

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- 8 x 8 x 1.5

- Created on wood artist's panel.

- Created using acrylic, handmade papers, and gold leaf.

- Sawtooth on the back for hanging.


This image came from a dream.


Handwritten prayer on the back reads;


As you go along your path, invite Me to accompany you.  I will lead you so you will not go astray.


The ground on which we stand belongs to You, oh Lord.  We belong to You, oh Lord God of All.  We reach to You, oh giver of life, for all of our needs, hopes, dreams, and desires.  Oh Lord of Light and love, will You accompany me on this journey of life?  Help me to walk in love so that You may shine through me.  What does it look like to walk in love and forgiveness?  How do I look on those I have not met or those I do not know with love?


Though they be far away or near, I will teach you wisdom.  I will teach you love for My Name's sake.  Come walk with Me.  There is not one who I do not call.  There is not one who I did not die for.  I desire all.  I desire all to be reconciled to Me.  I desire all to be with Me in eternity.  I call to all.  Listen.  My voice rings out through time for them.  Matchless wonder.  Matchless grace.  Did I die to save only a few?  I died for all.

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