Reach for You

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This image came from a dream.


- 8 x 10 x 1.5

- Wood Artist Panel

- Created using handmade papers, acrylic, gold leaf, and gold paint.

- Complete with sawtooth and ready to hang.

- There is a hand written prayer on the back that reads as follows:



The ground on which we stand belongs to You, oh Mighty One.  We belong to You, oh Lord God of All.  We reach to You, oh Giver of Life, for all our needs, hopes, dreams, and desires.  Oh that we belong to You, Lord.  Oh, that we are in Your care.  Teach us and heal us.  You are holy.  Bind us close in You.  May we not depart from Your ways.


I am the One who made the earth and skies, and I reach to You.  I am always reaching for you.  In the heavenliness, you are seem by Me.  In the heavenliness you are known by Me.  I will bless your marriage.  Fruitful.  Life is in Me.  My love intersects yours.  My great covering - life in Me.  Nothing is too small for Me.  You are under My covering.  You are under My protection and provision.  I hear Your requests.  And the two shall become one flesh.  One in Me.  Given to you.  Reach for Me.  Your prayer has reached My ear.

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