Drink Deep

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This image came from a dream.


  • 24 x 36 x 1.5
  •  Created using acrylic 
  • Gallery wrapped canvas.
  • Complete with picture wire and ready to hang.
  • There is a handwritten message on the back that reads as follows: 

Your love poured down into my darkness.  I cupped it in my hands and held it.  I cupped it in my hands and drank deep of Your love.


In the darkness My Spirit called you.

In the darkness My Spirit reached for you.

I long for you to draw near to Me.

My love for you is deeper than your thirst.


And love pooled around me.  I saw Your reflection in the darkness.  The darkness will not overtake me, for You oh Lord, are not far off and will reach to me.  For there is no place too dark or too deep where Your great love cannot go.


I will be victorious in your life.  You will not thirst.  Come.  I will lead you and still your mind and heart.


I will pull Your love down to me.


I already and have been extending My hand throughout eternity for you.  From when time began until now and forever I have reached to you.  Stop the struggle and know My love.


And the waters came and quenched their thirst.  They were led through the darkness to a well of life springing up.  May they thirst no more.  May they be satisfied.  And the darkness threatened them no more.  

And they were thirsty. And they looked for the Light of God.  They came and drank. And they came to Him and drank freely.

And the waters were stirred and they stepped in.



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