I Will Walk Through The Garden Of Life With You

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This image came from a dream.
And beauty sprang up all around.
I have spoken words of love into your ears. I have placed desires within your heart. I will walk through the garden of life with you. I will uphold and strengthen you. I will never leave you. For My love has been woven into your being. Come to the garden of My love and walk with Me. I have an abundance of love for you. You are pure like the lilies in My sanctuary. You are delicate like a flower, but I have made you strong and resilient - able to bloom over and over - able to push through tough soil. I will wind My way into and through your life, like a great rambling vine. Yes, like a great rambling vine, I will graft you in and we will will be one - one in love. Many things will grow and bloom from the seed I have planted within you.
- The prayer is handwritten on the back.

- 36 x 24 x 1.5 on canvas.

- Created using acrylic and handmade paper.

- Strung with wire and ready to hang.

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