In the Night

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This image came from a dream.


- 11 x 14 x 1.5

- Gallery wrapped canvas.

- Strung with picture wire and ready to hang.

- Created using acrylic.

There is a message and a handwritten prayer on the back that reads as follows:


In the night I call to You.  In the night My love covers over you and restores you.  Rest in My love.  Be in Me.  My Son was My great gift for all to come to Me.  I made a way for you.  I carried love on My back for you.  The spirit of death has no hold on those who love and belong to Me and acknowledge My Name.  I have always had love in My heart for you.  How deep is My love for you that I conquered death to draw you near to Me.  The Spirit of love and peace will follow you.  Ask for it.


You are the river that runs through the journey of my life.  Your love went out over the earth.  It burns in an eternal flame through Your Son, Jesus.  May we too, like Jesus, burn bright for You.



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