Love Filtered Down

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This image came from a dream.

  • Created using handmade papers and acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.
  • 16 x 20 x 1.5
  • Complete with picture wire and ready to hang
  • Handwritten prayer on the back.

Prayer is written as follows.


I want to be receptive to Your Spirit.

I am the One who sends My Spirit of love and life out into the world.  Receive My Son. Receive My Spirit.  I reach into the darkest places to bring My Light and love.  I send My Spirit to you.  Out of the darkness My love and Light came to you.  I hold you in the night.  There is nowhere My Light will not shine.  Yes, even in the dark night My Spirit is there with you and will shatter the darkness.  The winds change.  The seasons change, but My love is steadfast and never ending - an eternal Light for all to come to Me.  Come.  I call you.

And the Light of God filtered through the darkness.  His love shined bright so that things may grow and bloom.

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