Door to Eternity

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Price: $130.00

  • 12 x 16 x 1.5
  • Created using acrylic, tissue paper, gold leaf, and gold paint.  
  • Complete with picture wire for hanging.
  • There is a hand written prayer on the back which reads as follows;


I praise You and thank You that you have made a way for us to enter eternity with You through Your Son, Jesus.  You have opened a door for us by His blood.  

We are clean and forgiven.  Now Lord God of All, may our worship be pleasing to You.  May our prayers and songs of praise mingle with the saints and angels in heaven and rise to You.  Help us and teach us God.  Make our hearts swell with love for You and others.  Help us to forgive because we ourselves are forgiven.  

Give us strength and courage.  May we not keep quiet this great love of Yours, but boldly proclaim it so that others may be free and Your Kingdom may grow.

I am the Creator of all.  I created the heart.  I created the mind.  Your deepest desire is truly for Me.  My desire is for all to come to Me, and for all to be saved.  I offer freedom and forgiveness through My Son, Jesus.  I offer the greatest love of all.  Come.  I call to you.  Come.  Call others for Me.  Come.  Love.


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