Sisters in Christ

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Price: $52.00

- Original art.

- 8 x 8 x 1.5 

- Wood artist's panel

- Created using acrylic paint and metallic pigments.

- Sawtooth for hanging.

- The handwritten prayer on the back is a little faded and reads as follows;



Thank You for my friends.  Unite us in love.  Unite us in You.  Let our actions reflect You and Your great love.  Let the world not hinder us with all its desires.  When we come together, let our focus and desire be You.  Hear our prayers, oh Lord.  Hear our prayer for our families and one another.


When you meet, call Me into the center of your conversation, for I stand among you, and am with you.  Call on Me and My Name, and I will hear you.  Be at peace in My love for you all.  I hear you.

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