Wrap Me In the Fold of Your Garment

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Original Art

- 8 x 10 x 1.5

- Wood artist panel.

- Created using acrylic, hand made papers, and metallic pigments.

- It is strung with picture wire and ready to hang.

- There is a handwritten prayer on the back which reads as follows;



You are my protector.  You wrap me in the fold of Your garment.  I can rest in Your great love knowing that Your Holy Spirit is within me.  I can rest knowing that Your Son, Jesus intercedes before You on my behalf.  Therefore, I praise You, Lord God of All.


I planned it long ago.  I love you. I pursue you.  My desire is for you to be free and live with me in eternity.  I gave all for you. Receive and rest in My love.

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